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Creative Aids

Name Generators are useful aids to a wide variety of professionals and creative artists as well as people who play and design online RPG's and offline RPG's. Whilst you may not exactly use any of the names presented, one or two will often spark a new train of thought and shatter that creative block!

Many things need naming apart from people and characters, you could use a Building Name Generator, a Street Name Generator, a Town Name Generator not to mention a Business name Generator!

Whatever your name generation needs we can supply help for free! See a list below for projects being worked on right now!

Over a Billion Names on one Site!

The best name generators are the Industrial Strength Name Generators at NamesMade dot Com.

In the Planning Stage

We plan to produce the following generators very shortly so come back soon!

Wizard Name Generator, Witch Name Generator, Slave Name Generator, Street Name Generator, Building Name Generator, Business Name Generator


Villains and Villainesses Named

With our new name Generators for Villains and Villainesses we now have the capability to create over a billion good sounding names on site!more

Dwarvish and Elven Names

Fantasy name generators for Authors and RPG players now open. Dwarf Names, Elf Names and Fantasy Place Names available free.more

Baby Names

Baby name generators open, use US census data to generate all possible good sounding names for a particular surname!more

Site Opens!

The first name generator goes online, a vanilla name generator with millions of possible combinations! more

Writers and Authors

Writers and Authors can use name generators not just as a creative aid but as a legal defense. If your character names come from an online name generator then how can somebody claim you defamed them?

Role Playing Games

Role playing gamesters need to create great names for the characters they play and we can provide, if not the actual names, some inspiration towards creating the characters.


Struggling to come up with good coherent sets of street names and building names? Maybe a name generator could help!

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